• Yellow (Gold) Paw Print Temporary Tattoo

2.0" x 2.0" - Yellow (Gold) Paw Print Temporary Tattoo

Yellow (Gold) Mascot Paw Print Temporary Tattoo
The paw is a powerful symbol in Native American tradition. The bear is known as a token for strength and freedom, plus unpredictability with a unique blend of fierce power and gentle discernment. This makes the bear a popular symbol for many sports teams. A good player must know when to attack or hold back -- how to discern the other team's next move. The bear paw is a reminder of these traits and is reflective of good training on the field or on the court. The color gold also adds a touch of wisdom to the mix, making this temporary tattoo a perfect symbol for both team and fans.

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Yellow (Gold) Paw Print Temporary Tattoo

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